Founding Members, Past Presidents and Sponsors

Founding Members

A founding member is defined as a member who served on the original organizational committee, or a board member who was instrumental in establishing an essential aspect of ICH in its formative years.

Directors Billie Fowler, Barbara Halstead, Kathleen Barndt, Sylvia Hudson, Liz Evans.

Director-at-large 2003-04: Chris Burns

Past Presidents

1999-2000:                                                                        2005-12/2006:   Mary Holliday (UK)                                  2016- :   Susan Dunn (AU/US)

2000-2001:   Billie Fowler (US)                                         12/2006-2008:   Chris Lusignan (US)

2001-2002:   Liz Evans (UK)                                             2008-2010:        Mun Molloy (SG)

2002-2003:   Kathleen Barndt (US)                                   2010-2014:        Joanne Hughes (US)

2003-2005:   Jackie Verity (UK)                                         2014-2016:        Mia Schep (NL)


Jackie Verity - Career Coach for underwriting our website

Moira Holden - Realtor and Certified Relocation Specialist for funding refreshments at our monthly meeting and supporting other ICH activities.

Clay Poe - Interconex Inc. for underwriting our brochures and presentation items

Michael Saldana Salon- who kindly provide a venue and professional staff plus gifts for members for our Pampered ICH  annual event.